I can relate to this, can you?

I have replayed this twice in the last 24 hours. I could listen to this all day. I feel so inspired!

Yesterday, I submitted my proposal for my final development project. The results of my needs analysis, from the two interviews I carried out, point to storytelling techniques for my course to be effective. In fairness, I did pick up on this but I got lost along the way. If I am honest with myself, I spent too much time playing with software and not enough time thinking about the best technique. To put it simply, I did not put enough emphasis on storytelling in my proposal. Thankfully, it is just the proposal and not the end product.

People can relate to stories. I was completely new to dog owning when I first acquired Penny. She arrived on the longest night of the year six years ago, from a rescue shelter, full of anxiety and love.

Just to enlighten you, my final development project, as part of my MA, is to develop an e-course suitable for future dog owners to help them to prepare for dog ownership. I have been thinking about nothing else since Christmas to the extent that Queen Penny is being neglected! I really need to lighten up. This proposal reflects my heavy stressed mood. I need to lighten my head space to produce a lighter end product. In fact, I need to play ball!

I will never forget those first few weeks. It was the wettest year on record. In my head, I had pictured it all so differently. I thought Penny and I would be walking in meadows under bright sun and heat haze. Instead, we were outdoors in orange weather alerts, one alert after the next. However, on a positive note, it was during these weeks that I met many other dog owners.

While on our walkabouts they shared their stories. I experienced deep learning when I listened to their experienced voices. Their stories were honest, authentic, emotive and empathetic. Their stories were entertaining and fun. I was happy to be outdoors in stormy weather because I was gripped by nightly tales. I connected to those stories like my laptop connects to wifi. Smooth and seamless. I was not consciously aware I was being trained. I had so much work stress in my head as we hit out our front door, but my head did not explode with the extra 100 terabytes of nightly information I received. Nor did I ever feel bored. Not once did I ask to leave the classroom. Not once! Would you believe I still remember these stories six years later?!

The moral of this story is, I need to develop the art of storytelling for this project. I need to learn how to plan, write and digitise a story. I need to research the best ways to tell the tale yet achieve what this resource aims to do. It is not going to be easy. I will need reminders to play ball and not to allow the heaviness in again.

In my defence, I have made a start. I am reading this article at present.


It contains very basic information but there are links which I will duly check out. As I find good storytelling techniques, I will post them up for you all to see.

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