This is a great free gift

Just a quick post for today.
This popped up on my Facebook this afternoon. I am a member of an e-learning online community “Instructional Designers in Education”. Incidentally the writers know I am sharing their book here.

I have to admit that I am completely flabbergasted by the level of support from online e-learning communities. I am a member of a few different ones, both on Facebook and LinkedIn. I really cannot get over how positive these communities are and how willing they are to share creative ideas and resources. There is so much talent out there. What I particularly like is the fact that these communities are global. The range of shared opinions, approaches and techniques are very diverse.

These communities definitely help learning to grow exponentially.

I happened post up on one of these communities that I was getting ready to try my hand at storytelling. I got good advice. I will check out some links they shared and I will keep you posted.

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