A Sharing Community

So many professionals work in competitive industries. I worked in one without really knowing how toxic it had become.

I am in a different workplace from the one I just described. It is like a breadth of fresh air. There are no promotional opportunities where I am working – however, there is huge investment in upskilling, wellbeing and ensuring we work as a team. Our own self-development is being invested in. It is up to each employee to do further study if they wish. We are encouraged to learn. However, there is no need to take proprietor ownership of ideas and resources. Indeed, there is nothing to gain from doing so. I will repeat, there are no promotional opportunities.

Competition is good – sometimes. However, if there is too much competition built into an industry or workplace, it becomes counterproductive. Workplaces can become toxic and cut-throat very quickly.

Sharing design ideas and supporting each other is a far better workplace culture. It is cooperative. It is also a nicer place to work. Fact!

I am amazed at the resources and templates people working in the field of instructional design are willing to share. I have ripped templates apart on Articulate to see how they were built! Sometimes I had to go back to the designer to find out more. Everyone I spoke to is so proud of their work and happy to share. How wonderful is that!? Yes, it is a breadth of fresh air.

Speaking of fresh air, it is time for ice-cream.
Us Irish are not used to 29 degrees! Lol


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