Storyline or Rise?

I am in a bit of a dilemma. I have decided to use Articulate 360 authoring tools for my development project. However, I am unsure whether to develop my resource using Storyline or Rise.

The age old method of writing out all the pros and cons of each choice has served me well, so I will do this. I hope this post is useful for others who are facing the same dilemma.

Advantages of Storyline:

  1. It allows for creativity. It really is awesome from that perspective.
  2. It allows for a project to be completely built from scratch. I love Storyline for this alone.
  3. It allows for slide orders to be viewed. I like this feature. It is easy to move slides around and to visually see the order and flow of information.

Disadvantages of Storyline:

  1. The player controls seem to me to be old fashioned. They just do not strike me as being visually appealing. Quaint comes to mind. However, the controls do what they are supposed to do so its all good.
  2. Storyline is responsive but the mobile screen view is incredibly small. The slide does not fit the phone screen due to the player controls.
  3. Storyline uses a lot of memory. I had to strip my laptop back to its bare shell by uninstalling everything on it. Files, photos and notes I had been building up for years all had to go into the bin. In its defense, I had a lot of rubbish saved on my laptop. However, I would have liked to have kept the odd file. Storyline did get me through the assignment, and I enjoyed using it but I was left with a big E for empty regarding my personal files.

Advantages of Rise:

  1. Rise has really good templates, which can be edited and modified. Indeed there might be too many templates, so it is difficult to choose one.
  2. Rise is incredibly user friendly. I think my mother could develop a course using Rise and that is saying something! There are advantages to a easy system. For once, I need not worry about my IT skill base and as a result, I can reduce my cognitive load.
  3. The diamond encrusted advantage really is the fact that with Rise, everything saves to cloud storage. This for me is giving Rise an edge over Storyline. I do not think I could go through the worry of deleting files again. With Covid-19, my laptop is as good as full to capacity due to all the extra work bits I have had to save on it. I have external memory but I am always worried that it was malfunction. For those born in “floppy disk” generation, my association with external memory is not good. I regularly set off security alarms while out shopping.
  4. Storyline can be uploaded and included in Rise. Yesterday, I spent a few hours getting to know Rise. I was able to upload the slides from Storyline without any issue. I do not think Storyline looks great embedded in Rise, but the option is there to embed Storyline in Rise.
  5. Rise is very modern looking. It is more suitable for mobile phone screens than Storyline. From my knowledge of Rise and reading what e-learningheroes on Articulate ( had to say, Rise was developed in 2017 and get upgraded on a regular basis. New characters and features get added to it all the time. Therefore, it is improving.

Disadvantages of Rise:

  1. It does not allow for much creativity. For example, the background is a fixed white. Buttons and other small features can be modified to whatever colour scheme suits, but Rise is limited.
  2. I am not as familiar with Rise. I am unsure whether it can have all the excellent features of Storyline, such as glossary. From what I see, PDF documents can be uploaded.
  3. I do not like the planning look of Rise as a developer. I prefer the flexibility of Storyline where slides can be viewed and moved around. Rise is completely different with its preset “Lessons”. I find it difficult to view the end product when it is not as well structured as Storyline from the developers perspective. I am lost somewhat in planning the flow of information because visually it is not as clear as the slide views in Storyline.
  4. Rise saves automatically every few minutes. I discovered this yesterday. I could not revert back to what I had completed earlier. This could be problematic. It could also be an advantage. However, I think for me, as a beginner, I would like to have older versions available.

Ultimately, I have to consider who this resource is for. A good developer will put their audience first. Regardless of myself and my personal liking for Storyline, the advantage of a more appealing mobile phone user experience weighs high. I think for this reason, I will use Rise.

I am happy with this decision.